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The purpose of North Star School is to provide an alternative educational program that promotes an individualized course of instruction for each student instilling life-long skills of critical thinking, global awareness, problem solving and independent thinking. Ultimately, this option creates an encouraging environment for students, as they achieve academic competence and realize their personal potentials as productive and responsible adults in today’s society. 

School Wide Student Goals (ESLR’s):

Critical Thinkers Who:

  • Problem solve and adapt to change.
  • Access and analyze new information from many different sources.
  • Take learned skills and apply them to new situations.


Effective Communicators Who:

  • Write and speak coherently in various social situations.
  • Use technology to enhance ones position in society by synthesizing and reporting information in formats that are written, oral and digital.
  • Present information in formal and informal settings by utilizing writing skills through reports, letters, essays and multi-media presentations.


Independent Adult Citizens Who:

  • Are socially and globally aware of others.
  • Contribute to society.
  • Conduct themselves in a responsible and socially appropriate manner.
  • Have an appreciation of various religions, beliefs and cultures.